Smart iCopter

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開発者 Advance Software Tech

Ever thought how a pilot feels flying a Copter? Or did you ever try flying the traditional RC Control Copter but gave up?

The d-Red Smart iCopter provides all the fun for instant gratification out of the box – and the best part is that you don’t need to know anything about RC helicopters or have flying experience to use it.

From pattern flights to hover only mode, admire the iSmart Copter™ as it gracefully maneuvers in the air.

Easy-Fly; One-Touch Simplicity Flying
Those who had experience flying traditional RC helicopters knows it is a challenge and the learning curve is usually a painful and frustrating process.

With our proprietary patent pending Easy-Fly™ features, you can now enjoy instant flying experience with our One Touch and One Finger Control approach to flying.

Sit back and admire as your Smart iCopter™ gracefully lifts off and automatically Hovers in the air without needing you to control it. In addition, the Easy-Fly™ feature allow you to preset the height of your Smart iCopter between 4 to 8 feet (1.2 - 2.4 meters) or adjust instantaneously during flight using the Altitude slider feature in the App.

Drive the Smart iCopter™ while it is taxing on the ground and with a Single Touch (“Take Off” button) Smart iCopter™ will lift off into the air and Easy-Fly™ mode will kick in with height control hovering allowing you to take better control and enjoy the ultimate flying experience.

Note: This App works with the d-Red brand Bluetooth Smart iCopter Only.